T-cells are lymphocytes that are essential parts of a healthy life. In fact, they are key players in almost every aspect of adaptive immune responses as they patrol our blood and lymphoid systems, as well as tissues. T-cells have the ability to identify and eliminate infections and to eradicate cancer cells. However, T-cells are also drivers of many unwanted immune responses. By erroneously attacking of structures in the body, T-cells are both causing and promoting the progression of autoimmune diseases.

We have developed an innovative technology to present antigens to T-cells, allowing targeting and modulation of antigen-specific T-cells. Our technology may be applied on virtually any T-cell mediated disease. Currently we are primarily investigating its applicability on cancer and the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS). The new technology allows us to rapidly detect rare disease-causing antigens, and produce these antigens as recombinant proteins for game-changing personalized immunotherapy.